Wildflower Grove Bunk Houses

Mar 18, 2016

We continue to make progress on our bunk houses. Our wonderful builder, Jatzlau Construction, has poured the foundation on the last two bunk houses and was ready to begin the framing work. So what do you do when your project is on schedule? Ask your builder a really tough question of course. We approached Jatzlau Construction and asked, “Can we frame the last two houses ourselves?”

Are we crazy? Why would we do this? We had a “professional” volunteer group from New Hampshire stopping by Tejas for about seven days and this project was a good fit for their skills. Jatzlau graciously agreed with our idea and the volunteer group completely framed both bunk houses at Wildflower Grove while they were here despite several rainy days. We really appreciate their efforts and the flexibility of our builder.

With Jatzlau heading the project once again, the roof and siding are on, the doors and windows installed, and now the attention is focused on plumbing and electrical.

Check back often for more updates on the bunk houses

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