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We’ll Miss You Barbara

Jan 28, 2016

We are saddened to hear the news of Barbara Cunningham’s passing. We have enjoyed getting to know Barbara over the last few months. Tejas has grown in to a place where God can transform lives because of special people like her. Barbara was not content to sit on the sidelines, instead her faith was displayed in her actions. From the wonderful stories we’ve heard from the early days at Tejas, we know Barbara invested her life to serve God’s people. She was a helper, supporter, and leader. She laughed along with, cried with, and cared about the kids that came here. We extend our condolences to Barbara’s family and appreciate you sharing her with us.

During Barbara’s memorial service many people shared stories of Barbara sharing the gospel. Here is one of our favorites.

Barbara was a student at Baylor and as she was crossing the campus a car pulled up to ask directions. There were four men inside the car and they waved Barbara over and asked how they could find a particular building on the campus. As Barbara directed them she also told them about the Baylor Religious Hour that was happening tonight in that very building and there was a very special speaker. She invited the gentlemen to come and this caused them to kind of joke with each other. She told them there would be a time of worship and then leaned over and asked the man in the front passenger seat if he had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He kind of chuckled, but responded yes he did. At this point the other men were laughing and Barbara asked what about these other men? He indicated that three of them had personal relationship with Christ, but he wasn’t sure about the fourth guy in the back and this made the men laugh. So Barbara did what she did with so many people. She shared the gospel with the man.

When Barbara got to the Baylor Religious Hour that night and they announced the special speaker – she immediately recognized him as the one that she had shared the gospel with earlier. The man in the back of the car; the special speaker was Billy Graham.

Here is a link to Barbara’s memorial service: