3/29 – Update – We Need Your Help!

Apr 10, 2020

Many of you have asked for more details on how Tejas is doing in light of all that is going on around us, so we would like to provide a quick update as well as share a devotional with you this Sunday morning.

This Spring we were prepared to host over 2,500 people from 26 groups and receive deposits for future retreats and camps totaling $470,000, but sadly we have been unable serve people or bring in revenue. We are sitting empty and we have been working to reduce our operating costs to $60,000 per month which covers salaries for seven essential employees, property insurance, and facility upkeep. It makes us sad to not be setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives with this wonderful campus.

For those who have partnered with us through prayer and giving, thank you! We are encouraged by the gifts big and small that were received from over 100 families totaling $26,896.62!

We still need your help for Tejas to remain at the ready to host groups again. If you have not joined us yet, I ask that you please consider taking a leap of faith and give today.

Every little bit helps us to make it through this time as we ride this out together.  Click here to donate.

We’ll send another update soon

Paul Biles