Unique Tejas Retreat Experience

Nov 6, 2014

Our November Newsletter was just published and it features some unique perspectives from some of our retreat guests. Fall remains a busy time at Tejas with churches and organizations using our facilities every weekend for retreats. We offer a wide variety of fun activities, such as the zipline,  swimming pool, and kayaks; however, taking some time to visit with our guests reveals that some of their best experiences can happen in unexpected ways. Recently, we had a chance to visit with some guests from Grace United Methodist church of Katy, Texas, and asked them about their experience here at Tejas. We heard personal stories of God speaking and working in their lives. It was a rewarding and uplifting time and so wanted to share some of their reflections with the rest of the Tejas family.

“God starting speaking to me during our first bible study this morning; we were out by the water listening to the fountain and just the quietness of everything with no cars around, no airplanes, and it was very peaceful. I was really searching for His direction on how I could influence the kids while we were here at Tejas. What I got from reading the Bible and reflecting on that is I felt Him telling me to ‘be there and be available for those kids’.”  ~ Doug

“To ‘Be still and know that I am God’ is really what has been laid on my heart. To look up at the sky and see the stars and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle – it just brings you closer to Him.” ~ Lora

“Experiencing God here…there is plenty of opportunity! The best thing we did today is take a group of about 40 kids on a hike and let them see nature and see what God has created. We got to sit under the oak trees with the vines hanging everywhere and did a connection with the vines and how God is everywhere and He intersects our lives if we allow Him to do that. It was a great experience.” ~ Wade

“This morning we had a devotional session and we spread out amongst the campus and really got to take in nature, read our Bibles, and appreciate God’s creation outside of the chaos of our everyday lifestyles. It was amazing!” ~ Aysha

We appreciate that so many of you have chosen Tejas as your retreat destination. Seeing God do His kingdom work here is humbling. We at Tejas continue to strive to make this a place where God can be heard and His Word proclaimed.

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