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Nov 10, 2022

Giving Thanks

Of course, he is going to write that email since Thanksgiving is around the corner! Ha, I am really doing it because we truly have so much to be thankful for due to the ultimate gift Jesus gave us on the cross. A gift of life everlasting! Yet, we are still here on earth only getting ready for the big event. So what we do with our life here on earth has “kingdom in heaven” impacts. Setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives at Tejas is about helping others join us in this amazing life we have in Christ. Below you will meet Mike and Bonnie and how they have chosen to live life in retirement. Enjoy!

– Paul

“Let me tell you how great God is…” – A Moment with Morgan

For some, November 1st is the start of Christmas. For others, Christmas begins after Thanksgiving. At Tejas, our Christmas preparations started long long before November 1st! Thankfully, we are blessed with volunteers who help us set up lights, decorate rooms, and make sure all facilities are in “Christmas condition”.

Mike and Bonnie Griffin are a couple who have been volunteering at Tejas for the past 8 years. Mike has served as the hayride driver, and Bonnie has played many roles, all of which use her creativity and artistic touch.

They are a part of a traveling RV group for couples called SOWERs (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready).

They discovered SOWERs when Mike, a now retired school principle, took a group of 5th graders on a retreat. There was a group of them volunteering at that camp, and Mike remembers being so impressed by their attitude.

He came home from that trip and asked Bonnie if she would ever consider joining SOWERs. She said she would, so they joined and started traveling with them from camp to camp.

Both Mike and Bonnie look forward to their annual trip to Tejas. Bonnie said, “It just doesn’t feel like December (or November) without Tejas!”

Mike continued her sentiment, saying , “It is so refreshing to watch little kids run around because their parents know Tejas is a safe place.”

It was so sweet hearing Mike and Bonnie talk about their fond memories at Tejas, but it was even sweeter hearing how excited they were to serve with each other.

Mike said, “The best part about serving with Bonnie is how creative she is. When I look at a path, I am thinking about the end and how to get there. When Bonnie Bonnie isn’t looks at a path, she thinks about what is along it. She has a way of inspiring others with her childlike creativity.”

Bonnie shared similar affections, saying “My favorite part about serving with Mike is that he starts Bible studies wherever he goes. Sometimes it is with the camp staff, sometimes it is with other volunteers, but his desire and initiative is consistent.”

I enjoyed hearing from Mike and Bonnie what it means for them to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives through volunteering. We are forever grateful for them and the many other volunteers like them who partner with us to set the stage.

– Morgan Askey

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