The Two Are One

Sep 12, 2016

The dining hall pavilion expansion and our existing dining hall building have now been permanently joined. Before summer camps started back in June the two structures were close, but just had a temporary solution in place. Now that we have some more time we were able to finish that step and tie into the roof line.

The construction crew made some other structural and cosmetic changes to the pavilion side entrance. New framing was added for what will be large openings to enter and exit. Right now some additional framing for our current doors and a window was added on top of the larger openings. Ultimately, our vision for the pavilion is to have it completely enclosed and become a place where guests want to stay around and chat long after they have finished their meal. When that time comes, our larger framing will already be in place. We also added some reclaimed tin and cedar trim to the interior and exterior of this wall as we begin the first step in giving this space the unique Tejas look.