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Tejas Pages Magazine 2014

Oct 8, 2014

The Tejas Pages magazine for 2014 is complete. The magazine is an act of worship. Before we made a single decision as to what it would look like, we knew that ultimately it had to point to Jesus. As we gathered photographs and stories, we stood amazed as we found reason after reason to praise God for the multitude of ways He revealed Himself to us here at Tejas. In putting any kind of visual media together, it can be hard to balance making Tejas’ name great with making the name of Jesus even greater. But that was our prayer – that amidst the pictures and stories and graphics, God’s glory would be interwoven and evident. Our mission as the Tejas media department is for people to know and love the Lord and draw near to Him, and we commit the magazine to be a tool for such a purpose.

Camp and retreat ministries are such wonderful catalysts of the gospel. The natural effect of encouraging community, reflective stillness, and the power of God’s Word is that people come to know who Jesus is and the incredible reality of their need for him. The people who spend their time serving Tejas become the hands and feet of the church, spreading the good news to every guest who comes through our gate. The faces on the magazine pages are not just anonymous numbers – they are the stories and testimonies of lives radically changed by grace, and we are incredibly thankful that Tejas can be a part of such powerful stories.

As the media department, we have a unique perspective of Tejas. With a camera in hand, we interact with everything from worship services to climbing wall conquests. We are spectators and documentarians, cheerleaders and assistants, and now it is our chance to share with you what has been buzzing around us all year – the joy of the Lord shining through the guests and staff at Tejas. No matter what your reason for picking up The Tejas Pages, whether for curiosity, boredom, interest, or anything else, we hope that you let these behind-the-scenes stories sink in as real and tangible testimonies to the amazing God we worship. It is our prayer that all who encounter the magazine will ultimately encounter our Father, the God of the universe, who, out of His great love for us, sent his son Jesus to suffer for our sins here on earth, and forever undeservedly takes our burden, that we may have eternal life in Him.

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