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Tejas – 90 Days

Mar 3, 2023

90 Days

Today we are preparing for over 500 women to come to Tejas for an exciting weekend retreat. Food is being prepared, grass is being cut, final details are being put into place and the staff are antsy with anticipation to see Jesus transform lives. All the while, we are also only 90 days out from the start of summer camp when we host over 500 kids each week!

I tell you this because Tejas is a place that can serve adult ministries and also transform into a kid’s dream location. That is what is so unique and fun about setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives. It can take all shapes and forms.

I hope you enjoy learning about one of our long time friends in ministry, Micah Crump, and why Tejas has been an integral part of his calling in life. A story of how we partner together to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.

– Paul

“Let me tell you how great God is…” – A Moment with Morgan

Micah Crump is someone who is near and dear to Tejas, serving both as a board member and a group leader with Palm Valley Church (PVC). Last month, Micah spoke at the CCCA Texas Sectional and gave a testimony about the impact of camp. I had the opportunity to have a follow up conversation with him to hear more about why he is such a firm believer in the impact of camp.

Micah has been pastoring at Palm Valley Church in Mission, Texas since 2010. He is a firm believer in the power of camp, saying that there is something impactful to intentionally removing yourself from your normal environment to a place that is conducive to spiritual growth. From a relational standpoint, Micah said, “Camp has the ability to accelerate relationships in such a way that a few days of retreat can do more than 5 years of weekly small group.”

Micah has been bringing Palm Valley students to camp for over 10 years. He purposefully reserves the last week of July to be consistent and to ground his students before school and sports begin. He said, “I love to see my students head into the school year pumped up on Jesus.”

Micah shared with me that he has been encouraged to see graduated PVC students come back to help with camp. One summer, he asked any counselor/college leader who was a former Palm Valley Student to come on stage. He said that the stage was filled, with over half the leaders he brought to camp being a former student.

Micah Crump calling all leaders who were former PVC students on stage.

Micah said, “It was a legacy moment. It was good for my students to see young adults who are still devoted to the Lord.”

When I asked Micah to share a special moment from camp, he told me about a student named Luis giving his testimony. A few camps back, Micah made an altar call on the last night of camp asking if anyone wanted to devote or recommit their lives to Jesus. Flash forward to the next year, and one student named Luis came up on stage and pointed at the exact spot that he was standing in Marmax where he committed to following Jesus. Micah testified to how special that moment was for him and how powerful it was for his students to experience.

Stories like these remind me why we set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. I know next time I’m in Marmax setting up chairs or putting on tablecloths, I’ll think of kids like Luis and that empty conference room will come to life.

– Morgan Askey

Come Serve With Us This Summer

Do you know anyone 15 years or older who needs to make the best decision and join us this summer? We are looking for hard-working, energetic, and servant-hearted young adults who love Jesus and the outdoors.

Base pay is $1500 monthly with the opportunity to earn more through additional training. I really believe a summer with us will be life changing as we serve and be discipled together!

Upcoming Tejas Family Events

Think of our special-themed weekends as a getaway with a purpose. We have created several themed weekends for you to experience. Come join us on one of these fun adventures to spend time together as a family!

Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.