Sit and Relax In Our New Coffee Lounge

Mar 18, 2015

Our new Coffee Lounge is complete! It is located conveniently between the new Gift Shop/Coffee House and the Dining Hall. The lounge features warm furnishings that invite you to sit down, start up conversation, and enjoy your drink. The next time you’re at Tejas come by with your friends and see the new space.

As the team worked to update the existing building, they could have simply added a few walls, repainted, and called it good. They could have just used the same pattern as other existing Tejas spaces. Instead creativity flowed and things we had not done before were tried (and a few visits to Pinterest provided some inspiration). The result is a mix of reclaimed barn wood and metal, new wood flooring, and handmade lighting fixtures that come together to form a comfortable setting with a touch of elegance. We are thankful to our Facilities team for the planning and management of the project and especially thankful for all of the work done by our gracious volunteers and staff. Ultimately we want the praise and glory to go to Jesus, for it is in His name this space will be used and it is for His kingdom that Tejas exists.

The lounge was part of a remodeling project that has gone on in this entire building. Also completed is the Gift Shop/Coffee House, a new covered entrance with a paved walkway, an office, and storage space. Two additional restrooms are nearing completion and will be ready by Summer Camp season. You can see photos of the Coffee Lounge construction project by clicking the link below.