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Seek His Face Always

Dec 1, 2015

Wow. Life can be crazy. Circumstances change. People come and go. There are deadlines to meet, places to go, people to see…and sometimes we just get caught up right in the middle of it…and remembering to breathe becomes, well, sometimes we just forget to breathe. We wake up in the morning and our mind is already spinning with everything that needs to happen for the day. Sometimes we predetermine how our day will go based on that spinning, never-ending list, and before our feet hit the floor, we feel defeated. Putting one foot in front of the other feels like it takes everything within us, and we wonder how we’ll make it through. At that moment, it’s easy to try and live day on our own and assume that we can muster up enough strength to finish it.

In a culture that tells us to reach inside ourselves for strength and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, it’s so easy to forget the upside-down way of thinking that the Lord encourages us to have. He says that when we are weak, it is then that we are strong-that HIS strength is made perfect in weakness. He says we are not to worry about anything, but in everything PRAY and GIVE THANKS. Psalm 62:1 says, “Truly my soul finds rest in God…” The only way to find true rest for our soul, mind, and spirit is to lean into God. One of the many things I love about God is that because He is infinite and boundless, we can have as much of Him as we want. And that’s what He so desires from us…complete dependence on Him.

We don’t have to go through our days alone. He is always with us. And it is HIS strength that will get us through if we ask Him for it and allow Him to BE our strength. He gives us just enough for the day. And the beautiful thing? Even before the day begins, He has already gone before us. There is nothing that happens in our day that doesn’t go through God’s hands first. He is so kind and gentle with us, and nothing comes as a surprise to Him.

“Look to the LORD and HIS strength; seek His face always.” –Psalm 105:4