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1/17 Project Update

Jan 17, 2022

Project Update

I’m excited and so should you! We are in the final stages of getting our new Wash Barn(laundry) up and running. We have so much to be thankful for. What a great way to bless our housekeeping team and all the guests who will benefit from their hard work! 12 new washers and 12 new dryers and a MUCH bigger space for them to serve our guests. God is very good.

Last year we had 255 families join us in giving to make projects like this and others a reality. Tejas is a place where you see God gathering people together to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. Even with behind-the-scenes ones like this.

We are now transitioning to our new maintenance facility. The walls are up and insulation is going in this week. That will allow us to start moving our stuff out of sight of guests and create an even better experience where they get to enjoy God’s creation!

In the month of February we have two volunteer groups joining us to move this project along, Texas Baptist Men (TBM) and Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (SOWERS). They will begin constructing the inside rooms and fencing outside. I can’t wait to share those photos with you in a few short weeks!

As a reminder, these crucial projects are all leading to our ability to create a multipurpose facility that will double as a large worship and recreation center. Please continue to pray about your involvement, big or small. We have already had several people and organizations set up to help with the design work and giving towards this ministry asset.

Upcoming Events

Think of our special-themed weekends as a getaway with a purpose. We have created several themed weekends for you to experience. Come join us on one of these fun adventures to spend time together as a family!

Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.