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Jan 28, 2021


Above you see my simple sketch of the placement of a new facility, in relation to the dining hall, that will help us host families into the future. The goal is to have a place where many can worship together and play together. We want all our guests to have an amazing experience so that they can hear the good news of Jesus and take their next step in their own faith walk.

This is why we need you to help us get there. This facility won’t save people but the ministry happening in it will! Our current worship center, Marmax, has been a huge blessing over the years and a great tool for ministry. Yet, many groups in 2022 are already anticipating bringing over 500, in which case Marmax is too small. It will also help provide an enclosed recreation option when the weather isn’t cooperating to build relationships and memories for years to come.

I ask that you prayerfully include Tejas with your year-end giving. If you already have, thank you.

Let’s work together and set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.

Come Volunteer at Tejas

It is that time! We would love for you to join us as we prepare for the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas at Tejas!  We can use your help hanging lights, setting decor, and hosting our families these coming months. Check out the site below for opportunities to serve.

Last September, I challenged the Tejas community to become monthly givers. Our goal is to have 42 new monthly givers and currently, we have 10 families who have committed to start giving regularly. Would you consider joining us? Every dollar helps us set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. Tied to that goal is me running a 42-kilometer race (marathon). I ran a 10K race the other day and got 16th out of 116! If you know me, that is incredible. Thanks to all those who have reached out to continue encouraging me in my own journey to being the person Jesus wants me to be.