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March at Tejas

Mar 14, 2023

One of the greatest Joys of serving at Tejas is…

Meeting people and building a lasting relationship with them through the ministry of Tejas.

Yep, that is what keeps me going. I love seeing families come and enjoy God’s creation, especially in the Spring with all the wildflowers. They come year over year and we watch each other’s family grow up. We also get to see the life change that happens over time. Talking with parents about raising kids or spending time with a youth leader and seeing how they are able to continually invest in the lives of the next generation.

It is all about relationships built because our God is a relational one! To sum up what Luke 10:27 says, Love God and Love Others. It is all about relationship with our God and those around us.

As you read below about Jill Smith. Her passion is just that. Love God and Love Others. She does this through leading a group with our summer program and also bringing her family to Tejas. Enjoy hearing how Tejas is setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives through people like Jill.

– Paul

“Let me tell you how great God is…” – A Moment with Morgan

Jill Smith, pictured center left.

Jill Smith is a true Tejas treasure. Whether you have known Jill for a long time or have just met her, you can’t help but feel the warmth and joy of God beam from her presence. We have the privilege of hosting Jill as both a group leader for Community Bible Church (CBC) and as a participant during her family’s annual visit to Tejas for Labor Day Family Weekend.

This week, I talked to Jill about her history at Tejas. She shared a fun story with me about her first day at Tejas back in 2007 which was also her first day working for CBC. She fondly remembers that day, saying it brought her great joy to see the kids so excited to be with each other and learn about Jesus.

Many of her students gave their lives to Christ at Tejas. Jill said a special part of that is “About 50% of students can remember the name of the counselor that made a difference in their life. They rarely remember the specific person, but they do remember how Jesus worked through them.”

After Jill is here leading CBC, we get to have her back at camp for an additional time during Labor Day Family Weekend. Attending this event became a tradition for her family starting in 2020 when Tejas was unable to have a complete summer due to the pandemic. Determined, Jill said, “I had been going to Tejas for 13 years at that point, and I was not going to miss a year.”

She called her family members and asked how they would feel about coming to the Labor Day Weekend at Tejas. Without hesitation, they all agreed, and now attend annually. Jill shared, “My nieces and nephews have a countdown until we go to Tejas.”

Tejas has become a place for her family to get away all together, saying because all of them can sense that “God is in that place. Tejas a place that we can get away from the everyday world and hear Him.”

– Morgan Askey

Come Serve With Us This Summer

Do you know anyone 15 years or older who needs to make the best decision and join us this summer? We are looking for hard-working, energetic, and servant-hearted young adults who love Jesus and the outdoors.

Base pay is $1500 monthly with the opportunity to earn more through additional training. I really believe a summer with us will be life changing as we serve and be discipled together!

Upcoming Tejas Family Events

Think of our special-themed weekends as a getaway with a purpose. We have created several themed weekends for you to experience. Come join us on one of these fun adventures to spend time together as a family!

Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.