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1/12 Jesus Cares

Dec 20, 2021

Jesus Cares

Six years ago we started the journey of expanding the seating area of the dining hall. Jesus gave us a vision of hosting more families. When we were finally done, the pandemic hit. It was confusing to see the work and generosity of so many go unused. I remember sitting there asking Jesus, Why?

Fast forward a couple of years, we are all still working through the pandemic complexities and the divisions it is causing between friends and families and how it is taking loved ones earlier than we thought. Yet, from my innermost being, I know that Jesus cares.

I know this is true because during Christmas at Tejas we are witnessing peace as families and friends reconnect and enjoy the cozy dining hall as they share a meal together. Jesus knew the dining hall would be used for His glory.

Jesus does care about the little and big things. I pray in the coming days as you celebrate Jesus’ birth that you will know Jesus is the gift of Light to a dark world and He loves and cares for you.

Merry Christmas!

– Paul

Next Steps

We are encouraged for the future ministry that will take place at Tejas and dreaming big once again. Our current worship center, Marmax, has been a huge blessing over the years and a great tool for ministry. Yet, many groups in 2022 are already anticipating bringing over 500, in which case Marmax is too small. We need to invest in a multipurpose worship and recreation center that will increase our ability to host these families and the ministry opportunities coming to Tejas.

I ask that you prayerfully include Tejas with your year-end giving. If you already have, thank you. We would be so encouraged for you to be in the lead group of people taking the next step with us and that will encourage others to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives. More information about this exciting project will be coming out in the next few months.

Thank you for being a part of what Jesus is doing at Tejas as we set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.

Come Volunteer at Tejas

It is that time! We would love for you to join us as we prepare for the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas at Tejas!  We can use your help hanging lights, setting decor, and hosting our families these coming months. Check out the site below for opportunities to serve.

Last September, I challenged the Tejas community to become monthly givers. Our goal is to have 42 new monthly givers and currently, we have 10 families who have committed to start giving regularly. Would you consider joining us? Every dollar helps us set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. Tied to that goal is me running a 42-kilometer race (marathon). I ran a 10K race the other day and got 16th out of 116! If you know me, that is incredible. Thanks to all those who have reached out to continue encouraging me in my own journey to being the person Jesus wants me to be.