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Team Two:Three Gap Year Program

Why choose the Tejas Gap Year Program?

The Two:Three Gap Year is an opportunity for 18-24 year olds to take nine months to deepen their Christian faith, leadership skills, and life skills. They will participate in ministry first-hand through servant leadership at Tejas as well as fall and spring service projects. While exploring the world through adventure and educational trips around the country, lifelong friendships and memories will be formed. We know there are many options when it comes to what to do next at this stage in your life.

We know there is college, work, and many other Gap Year opportunities. What sets Tejas apart is that we strive to focus on service and discipleship, giving you foundations to take this into the next phase of your life. Not only is this done without cost to you, but we even pay you!

Spiritual Growth and Discipline Includes:

● Focused Personal Devotional Time and Lessons on Various Ways to Study
● Participating in and Leading Group Bible Studies
● Christian Apologetics
● Learning about Various Denominations of the Christian Church
● Cultural Studies of Other Faiths

Service and Leadership Development includes:

● Fall and Spring Service Projects
● Serving Tejas Retreat Groups
● Assisting and Leading Tejas Staff Chapel Services
● Serving Local Churches
● Ropes Course and Lifeguard Training

Life Skills include:

● Basic Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs
● Basic Household Maintenance and Repairs
● Meal Planning and Cooking
● Budgeting and Personal Finance
● Public Speaking
● Conflict Resolution
● Community Living
● Resume Building

Adventure TRIPS Include:

● Nearby State Parks and Natural Areas
● Branson, MO
● Western US Road Trip

Program Overview

Over the course of nine months, students will learn how to survive and thrive as they go through life, deepen their personal faith and their understanding of Christianity, and learn how to interact with the world.

The fall semester focuses on inward growth and building a deeper foundation of your understanding of your faith and the Church. You will learn about various denominations, how to pray deeper, how to study scripture better, and live out being a follower of Jesus.

The spring semester focuses on outward living through understanding differing worldviews, how to interact with them, service to the world and interacting in non-christian environments.

When you leave the program, it is our desire that you will have a firm foundation of what and why you believe, how to take that into the world, and how to lead others – both in their personal journeys of faith, and in the world at large.

Be Intentional

As a Two:Three student you will learn life skills such as basic household repairs, car safety, meal planning and cooking, budgeting, etc. You will also learn how to live and interact with others through living in community. You will be growing in your faith and the knowledge of who God is and what He desires of you through 1:1 mentorship, personal devotions, as well as small group Bible study and community group time.

Work Study

Two:Three students will spend an average of 20 hours a week serving at Tejas and hosting our guests. This time is compensated through a salary, which can then be used to practice budgeting and finance management. Not only will we provide the finances, but you will participate in a class to gain tools to manage your finances. You will have the opportunity for lifeguard training, ropes course training, leadership development, guest interaction, and more!

2024-2025 Important Dates:

August 12 – Gap Year Arrival
August 13 – Gap Year Begins
November 24-28 – Thanksgiving Break – Students are expected back by Lunch on the 29th
December 24-Jan 2 – Christmas Break – Students are expected back by 10pm on the 2nd
May 10 – Graduation and Wrap Party


What does a typical week look like?

Most weeks will be seen starting on Tuesdays and will involve three days with a mix of classroom instruction, small group study, personal devotional time, mentorship time, and more. Then there will be two days of preparing for and serving guest groups. There will be occasional off-site trips that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Some of these will be service oriented, educational oriented, and/or community oriented.

What kind of workload should I expect?

This is an educational-focused Gap Year and therefore students should expect to have reading assignments, group discussions, classroom lectures and more. There will also be times of physical labor through service projects and serving guest groups. Another focus of this program is on rest and self-care with provided times to experience both.

What expenses will I be responsible for during the program?

All educational materials, trip costs, and any other expenses that will be incurred due to Gap Year programming will be covered.Housing in provided. Meals are provided whenever groups are present. Students will be responsible for meals outside of those provided for guest groups, extra-curricular activities not sponsored by Tejas, any standard personal expenses such as cell phones and loans, etc. Part of the program includes financial management education to assist the students in learning how to budget their money to cover all necessary expenses. Students will be paid a monthly salary to assist in offsetting any extra expenses.

Do I need to have health insurance?

Students will either need to provide a copy of current health insurance coverage, or will be able to purchase health insurance through Tejas.

What about medical care, should I get sick or injured?
Students are responsible for their own medical care, and staff can help by providing a list of local providers. The local area has several medical options for you to choose from ranging from hospitals, free-standing emergency clinics, and urgent care clinics. Each semester, students are allowed a limited number of sick days. If health issues prohibit the student from participating in the program, the student may be asked to withdraw.
What will I need to bring?

Students will live in housing provided by Tejas on twin beds with supplied kitchens, laundry, bathrooms, etc. Students should plan on providing their own pillow, bedsheets, towels, toiletries, etc.

What about laundry?

Laundry facilities are provided in or near student housing. There is no cost to use these machines.

What about transportation?

Personal cars are not required. All program oriented trips will have provided transportation. Full-time staff also have transportation and will be able to assist students in traveling to town for needed supplies. However, if you wish to bring your own transportation for off days and other break times you are welcome to do so. Vehicles will be able to be parked in designated staff parking areas.

What about college credit?

The Tejas Gap Year is not a program that offers college credit. However, if you desire, you will have time most evenings and at least one or two days a week to pursue online college courses on your own. Pursuing these courses will be over and above what is expected of you during the normal schedule of the Gap Year Program. It is up to you to be able to balance both programs.

Two:Three Students will be provided room and board, a monthly salary, as well as provided with numerous opportunities for challenge, growth, service, and adventure.