Cunningham Terrace Update

Feb 8, 2016

Were you one of the thousands that came out to see us during Lights of Tejas? If you went to our midway area, you probably noticed we had started work on the new Cunningham Terrace. Back then, in December, only the posts and roofs of the Terrace were in place and lights. The lights were hung in the walkway of each pavilion, but the pavilions lacked sides and the floor was still dirt. It was functional for our midway games and we looked forward to some good winter weather in 2016 so construction could continue.

Enormous Progress Made

Well, the weather has certainly cooperated and our productivity was boosted by The Volunteer Christian Builders group who came to help Tejas on projects during January and February. Wow, what a huge impact they’ve made to the Terrace! The floor decking, hand rail, fencing, stairs, and sides are all completed.

Each of the five pavilions have built in bench seating and a unique finish material was used on the outside – including some reclaimed tin. We look forward to the next phase of the Terrace which will include pathways, trees, and plants.

The warm weather has already made this the perfect spot to spend some peaceful, relaxing moments. Keep checking back with us for more updates on the Cunningham Terrace.

See Photos of the Cunningham Terrace Construction ⇒