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Change Through Challenge

Aug 1, 2013

Tejas is a place for growing, learning, developing, and maturing. This camp provides a wonderful environment for God to change lives. What is amazing is that God doesn’t just change the lives of campers, but the camp staff as well. This change is inevitable, and it is very interesting to see how He chooses to affect each individual.

At the beginning of every summer, the new college and high school staff at Tejas create goals to strive for throughout the summer. Everyone wants to learn and grow during their time serving here, and the discipleship program at Tejas is designed to do exactly that. We encourage growth through things like scripture studies, memorization, and accountability. However, what is neat to realize is that these elements of spiritual growth aren’t always what God uses to make some of the biggest changes in our staff’s lives. The truth of the matter is that God uses challenges to make change. This can be seen throughout all creation. Diamonds are formed from immense pressure and heat. Gold is refined by fire. Athletes improve by putting great demands on their bodies. All of these different challenges produce something better as a result. Spiritual growth is no different. As we are put through trials in life we are given the opportunity to grow. The Tejas summer staff is challenged in quite a few different ways. Relationally, they are challenged as they live and work with one another in close quarters. Physically, they are challenged by the summer heat, and the long days. And spiritually, they are challenged to serve others and grow in God’s word. When you pull all of these elements together, the result is a perfect storm of very demanding strain and very worthwhile learning. God takes these challenges and uses them to push all of us to become more like him. It amazes me every summer to see staff grow, learn, develop, and mature into more Christ-like individuals. God literally changes the lives of each student. He takes the hardship in life and creates beauty.

Working on summer staff at Tejas is something I would recommend to every student because the environment of challenge and opportunity is perfect for growth. I feel it is safe to say that, at the end of each summer, the staff would agree that they can consider it pure joy to have faced the trials of the summer. God never leaves us or abandons us; He is right here with us, helping us build His kingdom on earth.