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1/23 Baptisms and Pool Leaks

Jan 23, 2022

Baptisms and Pool Leaks

One of the great opportunities as a dad is to be a part of your kid’s journey in meeting Jesus! A couple of summers ago, two of my sons wanted to take the step of public proclamation of their relationship with Jesus through baptism! Our church gathered together at Tejas that afternoon and I got to baptize Christian and Silas along with others in our community. What a joyous time it was!

Our story is one of many who come to Tejas and give their life to Jesus and want to be baptized in the pool. We have many groups take advantage of our fun pool for kingdom work! I am so thankful for all the families back in the mid-2000s who saw the need and vision for a pool and helped make it happen. We are about setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives and are so thankful to see the fruits of the work laid out before us.

Like the pool, we are embarking on a similar journey with our new worship and recreation center. It will be a process to get there but many are stepping up and seeing the need and vision for what can be. Continue to pray about your involvement in this vital project.

– Paul

Our Pool Has a Leak! Can you help?

Do you have any contacts with a pool company specializing in locating and fixing pool leaks?

As you know the pandemic has created many heartaches. One of ours is getting help with our pool. We are experiencing a serious leak with our pool that we are not able to locate and need a professional to help. Many of the companies we have reached out to say the timeline to come out will be after summer! Although we can still fill it daily, that is a huge expense and the problem could get worse.

If you can help, do you mind reaching out to me and letting me know? We could really use the assistance.

If you can help, do you mind reaching out to me and letting me know? We could really use the assistance.

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