A board on their knees
One of the more common questions I get asked about Tejas is, “Who owns it?” Well, God does. The staff and board are just stewards of the ministry. It is set up as a non-profit with the mission to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.
To do this stewarding well, we must seek God first. That is one of my favorite things about the Tejas board and its culture. We spend a good portion of our time praying for each other and for the ministry. It is a relational board. This is how God has made us, to be in relationship with Him and those around us.
I believe that as followers of Jesus, we are in a constant state of resisting sin and repairing our relationship with God, ourselves, others and creation. A way to do this is to be in conversation with our Lord and Savior. That is why we spend time praying for Tejas and the many lives the ministry impacts daily.
My request is that you would pray for our board! They will be converging from across the state next week to pray and plan for what path Jesus is laying before us. Pray for their safety in travels, our conversations, and decisions. It is so crucial that we be unified in the responsibility given to us.
(If you are interested in the board function and want to learn more, let me know. We are always looking to “date” potential candidates and find people who love Tejas, its mission and who want to be a part of leading this great ministry.)
We all make bad decisions!
Like bleaching your hair on a whim! Here I am with Adam Larson serving in 1999. But even with that bad one… it was the best decision to come serve at Tejas.
Do you know anyone 15 years or older who needs to make the best decision and join us this summer? We are looking for hard-working, energetic, and servant-hearted young adults who love Jesus and the outdoors.
Base pay is $1500 monthly with the opportunity to earn more through additional training. I really believe a summer with us will be life changing, just like it was for me back in 1999!
Running and the Tejas Gym
As I have mentioned before, I am training for a marathon. The goal is attached to the idea that I turned 42 this past year, am running 42 kilometres, and want to lead 42 families to become monthly donors of Tejas. I am half way to all those goals! I am now 42.5, I am running 25 kilometres this weekend and we have 25 consistent monthly donors! To celebrate, I upgraded my shoes this week. To my wife’s horror, I got two pairs and swapped the laces and shoes to be even weirder than I am on a normal day 🙂
We are also looking to build a workout room for our summer staff. We have many student athletes who want to stay on top of their training plans throughout the summer. Do you have some extra equipment/weights you could donate? We are also open to financial donations to purchase items to fill in the gaps for their workout programs. We have been gifted with a bow-flex, weight bench, yoga mats and a stationary bike. What can you add?
Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.