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9/15 Jesus Transforms Lives & Ministry Update

Sep 15, 2021


Our mission to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives is amazing! There are countless stories of life transformation where we have seen Jesus at work through this ministry.

That is why over Labor Day weekend we invited an artist to come out and paint “Jesus Transforms Lives” on the back of the chapel. I want everyone to know that it is not the facility, the volunteers, the financial donors, the board members, the group leaders, the counselors, the kitchen team, the groundskeepers, the housekeepers, the maintenance crew, the office workers, or myself that does it. It is through the power of Jesus that lives are transformed! (As you can see, it takes many people coming together for a common purpose)

This fall we have the privilege to serve people and set the stage for Jesus to work in their hearts. We are doing that through our retreat programs where churches and organizations are using Tejas as an extension of their ministries. We are hosting Mother Daughter and Father-Son retreats. We are inviting families to come to join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. A lot of opportunities are on the horizon and we are thankful.


Our mission is staying the same and yet people ask “What is next?” Here is a 30,000-foot view of the coming 9 months:
Complete the “Wash Barn” (Laundry Room) project
Hire 45 Jesus-loving, servant-hearted summer staff for 2022 (ages 16-25)
Begin the reshaping of the maintenance areas (Right now that is the view from our amazing dining hall and we need to change that up!)
Vision and planning for facility improvements that will help us serve our 500+ groups better and give space for indoor recreation when the weather doesn’t cooperate
Also, as we are still working through the difficulties presented due to COVID. Here are some immediate needs you can help with personally or through the connections you have:
We are in need of a couple of camp trucks. One for regular trash runs around the facility and another for our maintenance team to use to get to town and take tools to project sites
We have been remodeling our log cabins and could use some skilled hands installing exterior siding
The grounds have been low on the priority list during the last year and we could use help trimming trees, weeding flowerbeds, and taming the nature around the buildings
Painting building exteriors that are in need of some TLC
Installing new light switches and other minor electrical updates
Of course, there are many other things taking place that help to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. If you are interested in hearing more, give me a call. I would love to share with you the vision that Jesus is giving Tejas and how you can be involved. I would love to plug you into the ministry in the way God has created you.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership with Tejas,

– Paul

Upcoming Events

Think of our special-themed weekends as a getaway with a purpose. We have created several themed weekends for you to experience. Come join us on one of these fun adventures to spend time together as a family!

Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.