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5/24- Tejas – Deferred Maintenance Part II

May 24, 2021

Last week I sent out a story about the ongoing maintenance at Tejas and how deferred maintenance can add up. Obviously, we did not want to have to put things off but with reduced use and cash flow this last year, we had to. The fun part is playing catch up not only with the tasks at hand but also rebuilding the team to help make it happen!

This team is not only made up of paid staff but many volunteers. In the next couple of weeks we have a lot to do and if you want to help out, feel free to come on out! Even simple tasks of going through rooms and checking if all the light bulbs work is helpful! Anyone can help!

To be more specific on some bigger financial items, here is our most immediate list of needs that need be completed by June 5, 2021:

  1. Marmax Conference Room – Being our biggest conference room, it will be used constantly this summer. Sadly over the last 20 years the sewer line has settled to the point where it is no longer flowing the right way. Meaning it comes back to the bathrooms! Due to the urgency and manpower needed, we are going to hire a company to help us install a new tank and line and with the proper grade. $5,000
  2. Pool filters – As we were doing our yearly maintenance of the pump house we found that 2 of the 6 filters need to be replaced completely. 2 at $1,800 each
  3. Water heaters – We have been swapping them around to keep buildings in use functioning and now need to replace the missing ones. 3 at $750 each
  4. AC repairs in various spots – $1,200
  5. Other small repairs to prep for summer that just add up! – $2,000

Since last Thursday we have had $3,990 of $14,050 given specifically towards these needs. If you are in a position to give $25, $100, $1,000, $5,000, every bit helps us to continue to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. This will take the Tejas community giving together to make this happen in this short time frame.

Thank you for being a part of the Tejas community as a participant, volunteer and/or financial partner.


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