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4/6 – Tejas – A time when Jesus spoke to Billy Graham

Apr 6, 2021

,How a Retreat Helped Billy Graham Hear from Jesus

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Psalm 32:8

Yes, that is the same verse from my last email blast. The reason is that in my personal walk with Jesus, I am going back to the basics and reading through the origins of theology and why we believe what we believe. Boiling it down, we need to have a personal relationship with Jesus and follow His teachings. When presented with questions in life, go to Him.

 In 1949, Billy Graham did the same. He was wrestling with questions about the Bible. While at Forest Home, a retreat center in California, he went on a walk and prayed earnestly. There he felt the Spirit work in Him and that gave him resolve to go all in. The next few days he preached at that camp and 400 came to have a relationship with Jesus. In the months following, in Los Angeles, he hosted an 8 week revival in the Canvas Cathedral where 3,000 committed their lives to follow Jesus.

 Forest Home will always be a part of Billy Graham’s story. That is why I love serving at Tejas. There might not be people coming as renowned as Graham but Jesus is working through laypeople and transforming lives. It is His working through pastors, youth leaders, parents, donors, volunteers and staff that make Tejas a special place for so many. A place where Jesus speaks to their hearts.

 Read more of Graham’s story…


Many have stepped up to help financially and physically at Tejas. THANK YOU! Below is the progress on repairing Colt Stables and Maverick House bunkhouses. Since it has not had an update in a while, we are taking the chance to apply that iconic “Tejas Look and Feel”. We are doing the same to other areas at Tejas that needed repair after the winter storm.


One of the bigger decisions we made after the winter storm was in regards to the motels. Motels 1, 2, 15, 16 all had enough damage to need extensive repair. All of 1-4 & 13-16 have not been updated to the new Tejas look and feel and were quite dated. Instead of spending resources on the repair, we have decided to tear down the complex. (Don’t worry, the other side is still there and all but 1 room have been updated over the years.)

We will not be rebuilding in place but will remove it completely and will create an amazing lake view from our dining hall. The vision will be to replace these 8 rooms in the future with individual family cabins along the other side of the lake. As that project develops, I will keep you posted.

For now, rejoice in the use these rooms have had over the years, allowing people to come to Tejas and be transformed by Jesus. The fun part will be to see what is created in their place for future generations!