4/22 – Join us in helping others in this time of need

Apr 22, 2020

Friend of Tejas,

I confess that I find myself thinking inwardly way too often during these troubling times. Thankfully, 2 Corinthians reminds me that we no longer need to live for ourselves but for Jesus and others.

At Tejas, our mission is to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. One way you could help us engage in ministry during this time where guests are not on-site is by buying some sweet swag from our online store! Your purchase not only supports Tejas; a portion of the proceeds will also help a local mission helping feed people physically and spiritually in our area.

Please go online and buy yourself or someone special a reminder of Tejas and be a part of serving others today!

If you have joined us for Lights of Tejas in the past, Feed the Need was one of the ministry partners we highlighted at the Birthday Party for Jesus experience over the last few years. They have done some great work in small towns across Texas as they presented the Gospel while serving food. Find out more here: https://feedtheneed.org/