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2/19 – Tejas – We need your help – the winter storm caused some issues

Feb 19, 2021

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. – Prov 3:5

I started writing this post earlier this week while the snow was falling and things were fun.

Then, for three days we ran with a power cycle of 20 minutes on and 20 off. We checked rooms each day and did our best to ride it out. Unfortunately, as things started to warm up, there were more leaks from older copper pipes than I would have liked to have seen. 

I know many of you can empathize.

I will be honest, there was frustration in my attitude. Why God, why throw another curve ball? Haven’t we been doing what you wanted? That was my human nature coming out. Quickly, I realized that Tejas is still in Jesus’ hands and we are here to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. We will be fine. Jesus is for us and not against us!

Even then, we can use some extra help and encouragement. We had four major water leaks that caused damage that needs to be repaired. We used more utilities to keep things warm and water flowing. Several wastewater lift stations froze, and we had to cancel a group coming today.

Many have suffered this last week and are still figuring things out. We are in the same boat. If you can, we need your assistance. Please consider giving to help us fix, clean up and prepare Tejas to be ready to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives.

P.S. I left the original post below so you can see that my heart for Tejas has not changed and that even in the midst of trials, we see hope because of Jesus.

Oh the plans we make…and yet we are constantly reminded that God is in control, and we need to lean into His understanding before our own. This week has been rough for all of us with this winter weather. I see it as a reminder that we need to continually seek God’s plan, even when we really want to keep our own.

What plans did I have this week? Well, to wrap up the dining hall porch railing, finish some bunk house flooring and be ready for our next group to arrive within the week.

What did we do? Did our best to keep warm with rolling power outages, check on volunteers and staff, and pray, pray, pray for God to protect us and many others also in need.

What is the plan going forward? Continuing to prepare a place for you to come and experience the transformation Jesus has for you. The actual day-to-day tasks are changing, but the main plan is not.

Here is where you come in the plan to help us to set the stage for Jesus to transform lives…

Many have been affected by the storm in various ways and need assistance. We too, need your help. This storm has created quite a mess. Here are ways to you can join us:

  • Pray for Jesus to show you how to participate in the ministry
    • To be an advocate for Tejas to others
    • To be a financial giver
    • To be a volunteer
    • To be a daily prayer warrior
  • Come join us in the cleanup
    • Picking up debris
    • Cleaning off porches, paths and roads of snow
    • Fixing broken water lines
    • Cleaning
  • Give Generously (Give Online)
    • To cover repair costs
    • To offset the extra utilities need this last week
    • To feed those able to come help
    • To reclaim lost revenue due to having to cancel a group

Thank you for helping make Tejas a place where people experience the transforming power of Jesus!