12/27-Tejas-Springboard into 2021

Dec 27, 2020

2021 Springboard

2020 was a great year. Wait, did I just say that? Yes I did! We have seen God at work in ways we would never have dreamed. This year has taught me to depend more on Him and go with the flow, keeping nimble and willing to turn on a dime in order to follow His plan.

As far as a springboard, I love the picture above. I found a couple photos from summer camps that look almost identical but are from completely different times at Tejas. One is with the old pool in the 90’s and the other is just a few years ago at our new pool. Pools don’t save people but coming to camp and experiencing a relationship with Jesus and with others does! Many have come before us and had a vision to give and to spring us forward into the future ministry!

Will you please join me as the next generation that sees possibilities of future ministry and give today? Despite Covid-19, we were able to serve over 3000 people in 2020. We are preparing for the day that the floodgates will open and we get to share hope with people desperately in need of Jesus’ gift of salvation.

Thank you for your support and prayers through these last 10 months. Please believe me when I say, you have set the stage for Jesus to transform lives at Tejas in 2020!