11/23 – Tejas – All is Well

Nov 23, 2020

All that was broken is made new again, All is Well, God with us Emanuel.

Like many of you, the Christmas songs are already playing even though Thanksgiving is still to come. For years our team at this point in time would have hung over a million Christmas lights as we prepared for celebrating Christmas for 5 weeks straight with Lights of Tejas.

It is easy to be discouraged and grieve the loss of something that has brought so much joy to many families across Texas. Read these song lyrics by Sandra McCracken, “All that was broken is made new again, All is well, All is well, God with us Emanuel.” Man, that hit the nail on the head. Just because of our closing of the Lights of Tejas chapter in Tejas’ history does not mean it’s effects are lost forever. 

We were emailed by a group leader this week and I think their words show how God is still continuing to work in the hearts of those who have come through our gates:

“This past week we did student ministry baptisms for the first time in what felt like forever. Three students explicitly named their time at Tejas as when they began to hear the Lord call them into new life. Seeds were sown while they ate meals and played outside at Tejas. Now, three eternities are different!”

If that isn’t music to our ears, I don’t know what would be. So if you too are grieving the loss of something pre-COVID, please take these words of encouragement and know that Jesus is still at work and that He redeems! Lights of Tejas is blooming again as Thanksgiving at Tejas and Christmas at Tejas, and I look forward to seeing Jesus’ work transforming lives for eternity through it.