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10/6 – How are we doing at Tejas?

Oct 6, 2020

As I talk with Friends of Tejas, one of the first questions is: how are we doing? First and foremost, God is good. He has taken care of this ministry and there is still much that can be accomplished in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives. Thank you to all who have been praying for and giving financially to help us keep the doors open.

Please also be in prayer for those staff who we have had to release due to our financial shift during this last 6 months. Several have found new jobs and places where God has sent them but some are still looking. Even some of our remaining staff are still not working full time. It hasn’t been easy for any of us. We are seeing some good things happening and we will be back in full swing one day, but until then, your support is needed.

In October we will be hosting 3 different weekends of church retreats. This makes us so happy to see churches coming back and partnering with us in ministry.

We are also planning some events of our own like the Mother & Daughter Weekend coming up soon. We have been so blessed to already be a part of the encouragement of so many with our Family Labor Day weekend, Marriage Night and Father & Son weekend. I can’t wait to see Jesus at work in our upcoming adventures too.

This morning, our church focused on how Jesus is the potter and we are the clay. He continues to mold us and shape us into His ultimate plan. This lesson also applies to Tejas. He is stretching us and nudging us to think outside the box to reshape us. We are trying new things and seeing God’s handiwork in amazing ways. It has been a challenge with less staff but we are figuring it out. We are making mistakes and missing things along the way but are doing our best to correct, make up for and build some great relationships along the way.

Thank you for continually keeping Tejas in your prayers, and please also consider giving financially to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.