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10/27 Prayer & Volunteering

Oct 28, 2021


I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of his calling – Ephesians 1:18a

You are being prayed for! Know that Jesus cares for you and that our desire is that you will allow Him to transform your life!

The Tejas board of directors meet together quarterly to discuss the work being done by Jesus at Tejas. Our job is to not get in the way but to seek discernment and direction from Him. Being human, our tendencies are to follow our own path and not His. That is why at the beginning of each meeting we spend time in prayer.

I remember days when we would pray as a checklist of things to do to start the meeting off. Years ago, we started to shift and begin to get to know each other’s stories in Jesus and to pray in earnest for each other, for Tejas and all those involved. This change has led from the 5-minute prayer to spending over an hour in prayer! This time is actually the most important work we do as a board.

Big things are on the horizon for Tejas. Will you pray with us over these opportunities?

  • The Wash Barn (Laundry) is fully funded and on its way to becoming a reality. By Thanksgiving, we hope to be using this new space as we prepare for our Tejas families to join us over the holiday season.
  • Our maintenance barn is on the move! We are stepping forward with plans to renovate the covered gym into our new maintenance area. This shift will help with the curb appeal for guests. Currently, our new dining facility has a great view of the shop and that’s not really what we want. This new space is going to hide away our stuff and allow people to enjoy the great facility without seeing our “backroom”. All gifts in the coming months will go towards this project.
  • Ax throwing! Yes, I know your parents said to not throw axes but at camp, it is a thing. We are developing a whole new recreation space with 6 lanes of ax throwing! Just taking target practice to a new (and safe) level!
  • New Recreation Center! Yes, something to be praying fervently for. In the old rodeo arena location by the dining hall, we would like to create an indoor recreation center that can also double as a conference space for our growing groups. This is in the planning stage and we are looking for families to walk alongside us in prayer and giving towards this new ministry space. Marmax has served us well and continues to do so. Most groups use it when at Tejas. Yet, some groups have outgrown that space and we want to provide an opportunity for more to hear the gospel. More details coming out in the coming months, but begin asking Jesus how you can be involved.
    All of these are facility-based but know that without great facilities to host guests, there would not be the chance to share the gospel with guests! We are about setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives!


P.S. Last month, I challenged the Tejas community to become monthly givers. Our goal is to have 42 new monthly givers and currently, we have 9 families who have committed to start giving regularly within the last month. Would you consider joining us? Every dollar helps us set the stage for Jesus to transform lives. Tied to that goal is me running a 42-kilometer race (marathon) and I am now up to 11 kilometers in my training! I have faith that more will join us.
P.P.S. A Board Prayer – Dan Bolin, leader of In-Flight Ministries ( has a long history of camp ministry and board development. His resource, A Board Prayer (, has been instrumental in our development as a board. Dan has been a friend of Tejas for many years and loves seeing others grow. I hope this resource will help you if you also serve on a board of a ministry. It sure has here!

Come Volunteer at Tejas

It is that time! We would love for you to join us as we prepare for the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas at Tejas!  We can use your help hanging lights, setting decor, and hosting our families these coming months. Check out the site below for opportunities to serve.

Upcoming Events

Think of our special-themed weekends as a getaway with a purpose. We have created several themed weekends for you to experience. Come join us on one of these fun adventures to spend time together as a family!

Continue praying for us and please consider giving today. With every partnership dollar, you are choosing to join us in setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.