1/17 – Tejas – For Jesus

Jan 17, 2021

Tejas For Jesus

I am writing to you today from our dining hall. It is early morning, the sun is starting to peek through the horizon over our swim lake and looking outside at God’s creation is breathtaking. In this one shot I see so much. The chapel where countless people have worshiped Jesus, a bunk house where many have laid their head down after a fun day, a giant swing in the distance where you hear the adventurous yells of laughter and a tranquil place where many have read and prayed over God’s word. Praise Jesus! 

I am also listening in to the group leadership meeting here before breakfast. They are talking through the schedule for the day, mud pit logistics, worship lineup, etc. What is even more important, they started in God’s word and prayed together. They have a significant task to tend to their own relationship with Jesus and for the students they brought with them.

Tejas is a place of encouragement and renewal. Many who come are investing in their relationship with Jesus but there are also many seeking a relationship and need Jesus.

That is why I do this. I love Jesus and I want His name known. These leaders also want that same thing. To share Jesus’ love with our next generation. I am so thrilled we are here together in partnership setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.